2017 Cal40 Race Schedule

Apr 1 - Boarder Run

Apr 28 - Newport to Ensenada

May 6 - Newport Harbor Opening Day

Jul 8 - Seal Beach to Dana Point

Jul 22 - Long Beach to Ship Rock Race (race over, only)

Jul 28/29 - Santa Barbara to King Harbor

Oct 15 - LAYC to Howlands (race over, only)

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"It is hard to grasp the significance of Lapworth's Cal-40 design without having it surrounded by the rest of the 1963 racing fleet. In 1963 racing boats were all over the map in terms of design, and many of them were not good boats. The Cal-40 has endured as an efficient and handsome design. This modest appearing design changed the direction of racing boat design forever."

~ Robert H. Perry
Naval Architect

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